Happiness Isn't Funny with Gabriel Rutledge

Happiness Isn't Funny with Gabriel Rutledge

Gabriel Rutledge is a comedian. This is his podcast. There are many like it, but this one is his.

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    Champion Forever

    Poor Maroon 5! Why you shouldn't watch The Omen at Youth Group! Mitch Hedberg Stories! Gabriel's Ancestry test!

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    Briar Patch

    Boise makes me drink! Teacher Rant! Gabriel's Just For Laughs audition! One man bass drum parade! Other thoughts!

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    Bed Mosquitoes

    Gabriel likes coffee! He also likes women! A horrible gross thing happened and Gabriel talks about it! Public Facetime etiquette! Other thoughts!

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    Christmas Is Canceled

    Desert people are weird! Old rock stars! Performing during medical emergencies! Other thoughts!

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    Snare Drum Kid

    Marching Band! Things Gabriel should have said last week! Gabriel writes a self-help book! Gabriel's viralish video!

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    Domesticated Party Animal

    First episode! Gabriel's questionable comedy business choices, his trip to Pakistan, and other thoughts